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Vertical Eucalyptus Garden Wall Panel

Dimension (W x L): 40 x 60 cm.

Material: Plastic ,100% recyclable

Feature: UV Stabilized, eco-friendly Flexible.

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Vertical Eucalyptus Garden Wall Panel



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Color: Green Package: 1 Panel Type: Wall Grass
SKU: G40*60-154


Authenticity Guarantee

Multiple use: Our artificial Eucalyptus leaves panels Perfect for privacy,aesthetically enhance your area with a realistic look to beautify and transform your backyard fence, indoor or outdoor, patio, garden, yard, walkways, rooms, walls, Long lasting.

Material: Durability and lightweight,Nontoxic Our artificial boxwood topiary hedge plants are UV-proof, low-maintenance, eco-friendly, weather resistant, and these greenery panels are made of Recyclable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)that's soft to the touch.

Easy to cut and fit:  Just use your household scissors to cut, fit and shape these lifelike artificial green panels. Attach and fasten using interlocking connectors for easy installation of your hedge wall.

Size: 50cm(L) x 60cm(w) each Panels that easily attach to equal 3.34sq ft square feet (approx). easily to create your provide privacy.

USES:  Artificial boxwood hedge panels are perfect for backyard fence, patio, garden, yard, walk.

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