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Artificial Silk Rosa Floribunda Flower-FP-601

Dimension (D x H): 30 x 50 cm | Flower : 8 cm.

Flowers: 6 Heads, 3 Filler

Material: Silk, the stem is wired for flexible arrangements

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Artificial Silk Rosa Floribunda Flower-FP-601



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Color: Pink-Purple, Champagne, Peach, Pink, Red, White Package: 1 Bunch Style: Realistic Look
SKU: FP-601


Authenticity Guarantee

Package includes: 1 bouquets of 6 Heads Multi-colors Artificial roses. The total length is about 50cm, the bouquet diameter is about 30cm & diameter is 8cm.

Material: The flowers and leaves are made of high-grade silk. The flower stem is wrapped in plastic wire and made by hand. So it is easy to bend.

Features: Each bouquet is composed of 6 rose flowers, in elegant shape, with high degree of simulation, no smell.

Advantages: high quality materials, more leaves, full shape, clear veins, comfortable feel, more vivid, will not fade, no need to care.

Uses: Suitable for weddings, parties, homes, offices and other occasions. It is the perfect choice for the bride to hold flowers. The bouquets will have better effects. If you are using them for important activities, you'd better buy it in advance.

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